A purposed redesign worth every bite!

Every time I go to the market I see one of these…

food labelThe FDA is purposing a redesign of all food labels which would make every moms shopping life easier. At a glance the new labels would, “make the calorie and serving sizes more prominent, and it would swap out details on how much vitamin A and B a product has in it, instead requiring levels of vitamin D and potassium, which are important to control blood pressure, for bone heath and for a strong immune system. Iron and calcium will still be listed.” says Maggie Fox in her news post. Check out the purposed label and details at nbc.com. I am all for it! A design change that will benefit the health of my family, love it! Design really is everywhere.


Ready. Set. Go.

Taking the plunge into the world of WordPress and blogging. Using this cold winter day to learn something new with the help of lynda.com and WordPress.com Essentials. I am a graphic designer by trade. I have years of experience designing marketing for both print and the web. One of my most recent favorites tasks was the management of a website using a customized open source CMS similar to WordPress. Figured now is as good a time as any to create my own blog/website. I also want to learn more about web design in general. Any recommendations on which tutorials to watch on lynda.com or what subjects to get versed in? I have used Dreamweaver a number of years ago and can create a one page html page when push comes to shove. But I know there is more to it than that! Ready. Set. Go.